Djakovo Studfarm

The Djakovo Studfarm was founded by Bosnia-Sirmia bishops on their properties in Djakovo, wich were given to them as gift in 1239 by Coloman, King of Croatia and Hungary. This gift-deed was confirmed in 1244 by King Bela IV.

The first written documents about horses at the Djakovo episcopal properties date from 1374, related to the wedding of Bosnian King Tvrtko with Bulgarian Princess Dorothea, which took place in Djakovo.

It is considered that the Studfarm was founded in 1506, since then it had been mentioned for the first time in a document on how Bishop Mijo Kesaric owned a Studfarm with 90 Arabian horses. After the expulsion of the Turks (1687), Djakovo Studfarm was renewed in 1706 by Bishop Djuro Patacic.

In 1806 Djakovo hosted the Lipik Studfarm which sought refuge from Napoleon.

The transition to almost exclusive breeding of Lippizaner horses in Djakovo was made during the rule of Bishop J. J. Strossmayer, great Croatian cultural worker and patron of the arts. Studfarm was known throughout the Austria-Hungary Monarchy.

It is the oldest institution for breeding and selection in the Republic of Croatia. Djakovo Studfarm today holds exceptionally valuable genetic material, which, combined with successful selection repairs the population of Lippizaner horse breed. Such valuable breeding material is also a cultural asset for Croatia, with which we show the world that our ancestors managed to preserve and improve the state of horse-breeding through many years of work on breeding of horses.


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