Bizovacke Toplice Spa

Here in Bizovac, in the rich plains of Slavonia, in the gentle place surrounded by fields of wheat, sunflower and maize, the long lost Panonian Sea surfaces.

Water springs from the depth of almost 2,000 meters - a gift of the Nature, clean and intact for thousands of years. Salty almost as the Adriatic Sea, exceptionally rich in minerals, warmer than any other known thermal water (96 degrees Celsius on the surface).

The largest tourist complex of eastern Croatia - Bizovacke Toplice - is made up of hotels Termia and Toplice (Spa), thermal baths, Aquapolis and Polyclinic "Bizovacke Toplice - Medical Rehabilitation".

Within the 205 bed Hotel Termia, there is a multifunctional bathing complex Aquapolis or Watertown, which consists of nine freshwater swimming pools of different sizes and purposes with a range of water attractions, like the music cave, whirlpools, jacuzzi pools, 112 meters aqua gun, mushroom fountain, non-swimmer pool, children's pool and a semi-olympic swimming pool. All of this is supplemented with a graveled sunbathing area and sporting grounds for football and five-a-side football, basketball, tennis, sand volleyball, handball and a modern children playground.

Total water surface of all the pools is 1,500 square meters. Attached to Aquapolis is the previously built thermal bathing resort housed within the Termia Hotel, with two smaller irregular shape pools. One is filled with freshwater and the other with medicinal thermal water.

Physical therapy is carried out in "Bizovacke Toplice - Medical Rehabilitation" Polyclinic.

According to balneological characteristics, Bizovac thermal water has the following indication areas for treatment: locomotive system illnesses and injuries, central and peripheral nervous system injuries, gynecological illnesses, convalescence and rehabilitation...

Bizovacke Toplice is an ideal place for physical preparations of sportsmen because of ideal conditions available within the tourist complex and in its immediate area.

Bizovacke toplice Inc.

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