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Vinarija „Josić“

The Josić family from Osijek bought in 1999 an old wine-cellar of 42 m2, which was built in 1935. They renovated it, but kept the traditional interior and bought the modern technology. At the same time, the family also bought cca 1,6 ha of old grape-wine plants. Quality wines are made of authentic sorts of grapes raised in their wine-yards on Banova kosa. Love, ambition, enthusiasm and business spirit bring the family the first results. They won some prizes: gold, silver and bronze in 2002 for the vintage 2001 (graševina, pinot gris, and combined red wine sorts). For the last year vintage, the family won the gold for graševina. On the fair „Gast 2004“, which was held in Split, they won the golden medallion for the wine label design. All those prizes were won by the family wine-cellar Josić from Zmajevac, in spite of the great competition of 365 exhibitors from Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.