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Contact Kolodvorska 99, Karanac
+385 (0) 31 72 01 80 ,
+385 (0) 98 65 29 00

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Ethno restaurant "Baranjska kuća"(The baranja house)

All dishes are prepared in authentic and traditional way – fiš paprikaš (fish stew) is prepared on open fire, as well as čobanac (shepherd's stew), carp between forked branches, beans in clay pots, veal or lamb in baker’s oven. Here, it is possible to taste wheat and corn bread and flat bread from baker's oven. They are well-known for their unique recipe and preparation of snails in nettle sauce with homemade cottage cheese. Guests can choose specialties from several menus - Dunavski alas (A Fisherman from the Danube), Baranska klasika (Baranja’s Classics), Karanačko izobilje (Abundance from Karanac), Mađarska tradicija (Hungarian Tradition), Veseli Baranjac (A Merry Native from Baranja) and Mali školarac (Little Schoolboy).