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Contact Sunčana 3, Karanac
+385 (0) 98 187-6139 ,
098 857 391
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Seljačko domaćinstvo "Bakine čarolije"

In order to evoke the moment of the past and the warmth of old homes, we have equipped an apartments, which we put at the disposal of all lovers of domestic and natural. Every guest can enjoy in the noises of nature, chirping of birds and seasonal organic products that can be personally picked in our garden to taste or prepare a meal by him self. Our garden is in the year 2009 named the most beautiful landscaped garden in Baranja. The yard consist of three thematic parts nature, pleasure and family. Each unit is equipped with the appropriate details decorated with floral arrangements and original objects from old households. Do you want with the murmur of the water, on the terrace with wicker armchairs or in the backyard, with homemade brandy and a glass of good wine to enjoy in the traditional peasant delicacies or perhaps a cup of coffee and forget of all the things you want to forget, we are here for you .. Guest who wants to personally prepare meals or cook for himself coffee, haves at his disposal various types of coffee and all household items as well as dishes. Apartments are evaluated with three suns and guests who will decide to enjoy the charm of grandmas magic, except his clothing doesn’t need anything. All objects and details are the original and native so that they create special magic and atmosphere. We are able to offer our guests with: bikes, organize trips and staying in mountain above Karanac and free playing of “peasant golf” . Please note that guests of the season have the opportunity to enjoy the swimming pools at Kneževi Vinogradi and Beli Manastir, as well as in famous national park of nature "Kopacki Rit", and use the other facilities in the ethno village Karanac, wine Roads in Zmajevac and in whole Baranja. Price is 180, 00 Kn per person with breakfast. The arrangement contains an čokančić (small bottle of brandy) ,breakfast is homemade, homemade cakes and other peasant delicacies like sausage, bacon, ham, greaves, side dishes, bottle of wine, seasonal fruit and vegetables, all in quantities sufficient for the whole day. Price of Apartment without breakfast is 120.00 Kn per person. (All prices include VAT and taxes). For children up to 5 years old all services are free of charge. If you need more infor mation we will gladly respond.